Friday Scholarship Guide

Brand-New Explaining Video - Friday Scholarship Guide

We're hoping most of you will be fully aware of what it is we at Smarthlete stand for. We're hoping many of you know exactly what we offer. And we're hoping most will understand that we're not just creating articles about college sports-related topics each Friday. But to be entirely sure, we figured it might be a great idea to get a video up and running, for those of you who prefer to watch than read ?.

Why is Smarthlete different

Smarthlete is different from many other firms out there on the web:

#1 We are not a scholarship service or private agency

We certainly have the competencies to do so, but we're coming from our deep conviction to empower young aspiring student-athletes to "Do-It-Yourself". Don't misunderstand; if you feel that the mountains on your way to a scholarship are too high to climb, we definitely want you to get in touch with us. We are more than confident that we can offer extremely valuable guidance during the recruiting process and assist you in picking the right scholarship offers. But at Smarthlete we provide foremost the platform for you to connect with coaches on your own.

#2 We charge no money for the time being

Scholarship services and agencies are expensive. We don't like that. And trust in that we have experience being in the same situation and paying for assistance. The issue is not that it costs; there's tons of work to do to get you where you want to be and that simply has its price. But it is questionable whether the degree of price levels we see around the world are justified. Smarthlete is for free for the time being. And if we ever decide to charge for access to the recruiting network, we are talking a fraction of that. See more on our pricing page and you will agree.

#3 We aspire to be a "one-stop-shop"

Surfing the web, you'll come across many purely informational websites. And that's great, as it's a complicated process. At Smarthlete we attempt to integrate the information part with the recruiting marketplace. Why look for answers somewhere else if you can have it all in the same place?

#4 We offer an innovative solution

We're a week away of launching. Check back with us soon again and you will see what we mean. We attempt to be a "social" recruiting network and the social part shouldn't come off badly.

Closing remarks

Did you enjoy the promo video? Please let us know what you think. Interested in college tennis? Go ahead and check our other blog articles or sign-up to Smarthlete, which will enable you to connect with college coaches directly very soon.