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Top 3 Points in College Tennis 2014-15 Season

NCAA D-I, II, and III, NAIA, as well as NJCAA saw plenty of matches, ever since the season started last fall. There's naturally more TV coverage of matches in the higher college leagues, which limited our selection to matches between teams in the NCAA D-I.
In our article last week we briefly touched upon the large number of past college players in the doubles tournaments at the French Open (Click here). We also did so on the Australian Open 2015 here. Yes, doubles play has been shortened over the last years on the college level. However, it still has huge relevance in dual matches, producing world-class doubles players.

But see these fantastic top 3 points for yourself and ENJOY! :)

Our number 3 point is a well constructed winner and at the same time final point of the decisive #3 doubles match in the semifinal of the NCAA team championships between Virginia and Baylor in Waco, TX. Pay attention to the "Bryan Brothers"-like chest bump after they closed the match:

Our number 2 pick goes to Denver's #1 doubles. Certainly not an everyday shot between Denver and BYU in front of an ecstatic opponent's crowd. Pay attention to yet another "Bryan Brothers"- chest bump after they won this fabulous point:

Shot of the Day by David Fox and Alex Gasson at #1 Doubles against the BYU Cougars. Great effort by Fox! #DUTENNIS #piONEernation #gopios

Posted by University of Denver Men's Tennis on Saturday, February 14, 2015

And finally our clear number 1 pick - an impressive rally at #1 doubles between Dartmouth and University of North Carolina. We counted a total of 13 shots, including a tweener and plenty of action at the net - simply tons of fun to watch isn't it? Note that Ng's doubles partner Mathis didn't play a single ball in the entire rally...

Have you got another doubles point which you'd like to share with us and which is worth highlighting? Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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