Friday Scholarship Guide

College Tennis Rules - Dual Match Formats

Do the exact same rules apply in college tennis compared to the ITF Junior, ATP, or WTA Tour? Find out how the college divisions differ from each other in today's Friday Scholarship Guide.

February 16, 2017

Number of Scholarships in College Tennis

You clicked on the link to this article, which indicates that you are looking for a scholarship at college. Look no further, this is the right place for you to find all the information you are in need for! Maybe you're the mum or dad of a daughter or son who is looking to play college tennis on a scholarship. Also then, look no further; you'll find the answers to your questions related to athletic scholarship money in this edition of our Friday Scholarship Guide!

February 02, 2017

Should I Play College Tennis?

Over and over again, we are faced with the same questions and concerns of good players who are not sure whether college tennis really is the right decision for them. Today's Friday Scholarship Guide is a collection of these typical questions, based on a phone call with a potential future recruit.

January 19, 2017

College Tennis in Australian Open 2017

The much-awaited first Grand Slam of the year sees the first season appearance of a huge number of players, who have sharpened their skills at college in the early years of their career. Find out what schools the players attended and in which conference they competed!

December 15, 2016

2 Academic Focus Areas For Tennis Recruits to Boost Their Chances

You're probably reading this article because you are a solid tennis player (or a parent) with a realistic chance of receiving a scholarship to play college tennis. But all too often young players are not aware of the positive impact a solid academic background may have on their scholarship options. Today's Friday Scholarship Guide will be about the potential upside of the 2 Focus Areas.

November 17, 2016

4 Tips for Making a Great Recruiting Video

No matter where and how coaches get in front of your video, it could be your entry ticket in a college team. On the contrary, a poorly done recruiting video can do a lot of harm to your plans and drive coaches away. Check out to see what makes coaches keep watching and NOT click the "pause" button.

November 03, 2016

The Reliability of the UTR System

The Universal Tennis Rating is getting more and more relevant in the world of tennis. In the college tennis universe, it has already been established as an everyday tool used by tournament organisers, college coaches and prospective student athletes. Today's Friday Scholarship Guide is a guest blog by Tennis Coach Alex Slezak, who looked into the reliability of the UTR himself.

September 26, 2016

How Strong is NCAA D-III Tennis Really?

Playing tennis in NCAA Division 3 schools is often dismissed due to the non-availability of athletic scholarships for student-athletes. But how strong is the division compared to its counterparts NCAA Division 2 and NAIA?

September 01, 2016

3 Tips How to Find Out if You Could Play College Tennis

There are three good ways to find out if you have what it takes to get a scholarship at college before even contacting a head or assistant coach for the first time! Today's Scholarship Guide will be about these three options you have as a junior tennis player, dreaming to play collegiate tennis.

August 13, 2016

The Elimination of Collegiate Tennis Programs: UMBC Tennis

College tennis supporters have to accept - tennis is a sport in constant competition with other collegiate sports programs. While new tennis programs pop up and others are being reinstated, some schools decide to discontinue their tennis programs and tennis legacies die. Today's article by a former collegiate tennis player is about the elimination of the tennis program, which he was part of years ago.

July 31, 2016

Which College Tennis Division Is Better: NCAA D-II or NAIA?

One of the most important questions early on in the tennis recruiting process is which coaches to reach out to.
More often than not, junior players consider one division and one division only as preferred option: NCAA D-I - the highest and most competitive division in American college tennis. But which division (4-year colleges & athletic scholarships) is the second strongest? NCAA D-II or the NAIA?

July 03, 2016

College Tennis Players in Wimbledon Doubles 2016

Week 1 in Wimbledon is in the books and despite the tournament's tradition of having a game-free "Middle Sunday", weather conditions forced the organisers to schedule matches in order to keep up with the event schedule. With plenty singles matches played, the doubles events have finally also been kicked off. Let's have a look at all the other former student-athletes who are in the race for the most prestigious Grand Slam Title.

June 23, 2016

College Tennis Players at Wimbledon 2016

Having left the main clay season on the ATP and WTA tour behind, the attention is once again on the most prestigious of all Grand Slam tournaments: Wimbledon 2016 in London. Many exciting days filled with tennis ahead of us & we from Smarthlete look at the draw again from the perspective of college tennis: How many former collegiate players are set to compete for points, prestige, and prize money during the upcoming weeks?

June 09, 2016

National Team Championships 2016 in College Tennis

The college season 2015-2016 is in the books and all the various college divisions have determined their national champions. Most may have heard of NCAA Division 1 programs Virginia (M) and Stanford (W) adding yet another title to their collection of Championships. But what about tennis in NCAA D2, D3, and the NAIA? Find out all about it in our recap:

May 31, 2016

Regret and the NCAAs

Eric Butorac is the ATP Player Council President and a doubles specialist on the ATP Tour. Playing college tennis has helped Eric get to where he is today and he shares his experience from college life as a writer on the Blog of Universal Tennis Rating. This article is about his experience at the D-III Championships: losing the final match for the team to fall 3-4 in the semifinals, but learning a lesson for life ...