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I liked the friendship between me and my recruiting expert and the organization and professionalism with which all the tasks were completed.

They know a lot about athletes, college coaches and suitable universities.I strongly recommend them!

Yannick, and Dominic treated us, their clients, as living persons - not as names or numbers. Our opinion is important to them and they try to implement it into very realistic plans that they create for everyone individually.Yannick and team, I know it took a lot of patience with me for a lot of reasons. My family is immensely grateful to you for your help.

Wir haben erleben dürfen, dass du Dominic, dich um unseren Sohn gekümmert hast, und daraus eine ehrliche Beziehung entstanden ist, welche womöglich noch nicht zu Ende ist.Ein Aufrichtiges Danke unsererseits!

I was helped all the way to get to a very good university. Dominic was very kind and competent. He helped me, whenever help was needed.

My son used Smarthlete to find a tennis scholarship in a US university. The consultant was himself a tennis player who had benefitted of a US tennis scholarship in the past. He provided all the necessary support to my son during the ups and downs of the application process and his constant messages of encouragements were really reassuring.

Wir können Smarthlete nur jedem interessierten jungen Sportler empfehlen.Die Rekrutierung erfolgt sehr professionell und vor allem sehr persönlich.Ohne die Erfahrung und Begleitung durch Yannick Weihs hätten wir die Übersicht über die vielen Aufgaben, Formalitäten, die Termine etc. verloren.Es tut gut auf die Erfahrung von Smarthlete zugreifen zu können und in Zeiten, wo man denkt, man würde die Zulassung der NCAA und die Aufnahme auf die Uni nicht schaffen, tut es gut, einen ruhigen entspannten Berater an seiner Seite zu haben.

I really liked how much effort Dominic put into my recruiting process. He spent a lot of time talking to the different coaches, which made it a lot easier for me to get in touch with them. He was also a great help with all the administrative tasks, and I could not have managed them without him. I really enjoyed working with him.

Es war die beste Entscheidung mit euch zusammenzuarbeiten. Ohne euch wäre der Rekrutierungsprozess nicht möglich gewesen. Ihr habt mir sehr viel schwere Aufgaben abgenommen und darüber bin ich auch froh. Vielen Dank für alles, ihr wart super!

I only have positive things to say about Smarthlete. They are by far the best consultants. Without Dominic and the team would not have made it to the US.

Yannick provided a lot of good advice before we committed to Smarthlete. He doesn't mind sharing what he knows about college tennis even we are not sure if we take his service. Yannick's approach and advice is very realistic and he would honestly tell us what we can achieve and what not. Now, Kyle has started his fall semester at University Louisville about a month and he is very happy there!

They really care about your success and do the best they can to help you reach your college goals. They make sure every part of the process is done thoroughly and do not take any short cuts. Moreover, communication was very consistent and well carried out. Any changes in circumstances were also dealt with immediately. Would highly recommend to any upcoming athletes in the future.

Smarthlete is trustworthy and always on top of things. I had a very challenging recruiting year, but due to the help of Dominic I managed to do everything on time, even when it looked like it will not be possible. I would not be in the US if I hadn’t worked with Smarthlete. Thank you.

To work with Smarthlete really was one of the best choices of my life. From professional behavior, over always having an overview of things to being very reliable. I liked everything throughout my recruiting process!

I loved the attention and attitude that you all offered me.

Martin has been the best. My experience was so good that I had already referred him to 3 of my friends. It was an excellent service along the way. Very professional and dedicated. I am very satisfied with my University choice.

They where very on top of things, the process of finding a school I liked was so quick. I love how honest and caring everyone was. I would 100% recommend Smarthlete to everyone that is trying to become a student athlete. Your work was astonishing.

I felt Dominic genuinely understood my son's requirements for a university. He got to know us a family and took a lot of trouble to reach out and introduce us to tennis coaches that were interested in my son.

They make the process a lot easier and enjoyable and they find opportunities that you may never find by yourself.

I really had the feeling Yannick did everything to find the perfect college for me. I felt he is passionate to find the perfect fit for every individual.

Smarthlete is professional, genuine, real people that can help you achieve your goal of playing a college sport. They have a real interest in seeing you succeed and that is why they will go the extra mile to find just the right match for you.

Working with Smarthlete was a good decision because it would have been hard trying to do it all myself. It is a long process and it is tough getting in contact with schools and handling that many documents. Smarthlete helped me with everything and I feel like I wouldn't have been able to find a school that fits me that well without them. They helped me find a school that I love and I will always be very grateful for what they did for me. I recommend it to all aspiring college student-athletes.

-super freundlich
-sehr hilfsbereit
-sehr gutes Fachwissen
-sehr gute Erreichbarkeit
-sehr vertrauenswürdig

I worked with Smarthlete and I think that was one of the best decisions that I have made because it changed my future. I strongly recommend Smarthlete to all my athlete friends.

During the collaboration, you felt familiar with the team and after some time they feel more like friends. They always showed me what the next steps are and how they do it for me or how I can do them on my own. I can just recommend Smarthlete to every athlete, who wants to try to receive a scholarship in the USA.

Smarthlete was a great part of my recruiting process. It has all the possibilities for the student athlete to find a suitable college to play sports in. Besides these opportunities, I sincerely want to thank Yannick who approached my wishes and questions personally and very fast!

Smarthlete is a better way for players and coaches to connect. After creating your full resume, including pictures, videos and accomplishments, you will be able to view schools and their coaches and know when they view your profile. There is no other site out there making interaction so easy and transparent to both sides.

Thank you for getting me on a team in the U.S.! I couldn’t have wished for a better place!

At first I wasted a lot of time looking for contact addresses and descriptions of colleges on my own. Then I found Smarthlete. Smarthlete made it very easy to create a professional recruiting profile & get in touch with coaches. I’ve been in contact with coaches from 21 colleges before committing to one.

If you want to find a good university, Smarthlete will help you with everything! Thank you Smarthlete!

It is not easy to find the right college for you, and Smarthlete is very helpful in this case. Especially the first steps in starting your college career, it is almost necessary to have someone who guides you. They support you with whatever question you have.

A friend of mine recommended to use Smarthlete. It wasn’t until I got started with the recruiting process though, that I realized how complicated it actually is. Luckily this platform and the extremely helpful team have helped me a great deal fulfilling my dream. Thanks a lot for the support and help.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Hofstra University

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