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Smarthlete is designated to simplify your recruiting process. Our Platform will enable you to search and find athletes who fit exactly your needs; independent of whether those are academic requirements or whether that's a certain ranking. You can use a filter to find precisely the player you're looking for and then contact the prospect directly though the integrated messaging tool.
No we are not a recruiting service. You will be able to complete your recruiting process and get a scholarship without paying a single cent. Nonetheless we know that the recruiting experience is very difficult. Very few athletes manage to complete it successfully without any help at all. That's why we are offering assistance for every step along the way. Independent of what you're struggling with, we are happy to provide guidance. Just send us a message at contact@smarthlete.com or use our live chat, to find out which steps of the way we can assist you with.
Yes of course. That's what we're here for. The important part for you now is to figure out what step of the process you are struggling with. We offer assistance for every step along the way and you are welcome to schedule a call with us to figure out what kind of help you need. To schedule a call simply click this link and follow the instructions.
Getting recruited and signing a scholarship is a long and daunting process. Ideally you will sign a scholarship in the early signing period, which is roughly 10 months before your desired college start. That means you will have to start dealing with the college recruiting process a year and a half in advance. We know that seems way too early, but studying for and taking the scholastic tests, completing all the NCAA/NAIA tasks and talking to coaches takes quite a while.
We recommend every athlete to start their college experience right after college. Especially if you want to be part of an NCAA Division I collegiate team, it can have a significant impact on your eligibility status and result in the loss of a year of eligibility.
There are three ways how you can evaluate your level of tennis in comparison to current college players:
  • You recently played against a college player. Depending on how the match went and what the player's college record is you can get an idea of the level of tennis at college.
  • You look up your UTR and compare it to the UTR of current college players.
  • You ask us to evaluate you. Simply reach out to us via e-mail at contact@smarthlete.com or schedule a call and we will give you an idea of where you stand. All we need is a video of you playing tennis, your latest results and we will be able to tell you about your chances of getting an athletic scholarship.
  • To get an overview of what needs to be done, make sure to read the To-Do List on your Dashboard thoroughly. To get more in-depth information about college tennis, its institutions and the system in general make sure to read the 'Your way to college' section.

    In case you are still confused and unsure about what needs to be done after informing yourself, feel free to contact us at contact@smarthlete.com. We are happy to answer all of the questions you may have.

    Start by completing your profile and all the tasks on the To-do list. Once you have taken all the academic tests, registered with the NCAA/NAIA and done a recruiting video, you will be all set to contact coaches and find a scholarship.

    Your Account

    The more information you provide in your profile, the higher your chances of being seen by coaches. Coaches frequently screen for athletes based on multiple criteria (academic scores, GPA, rankings etc.). By providing such information in your profile, you'll appear in more search results, thus increasing your visibility towards coaches.

    Before reaching out to a prospect coaches try to get answers to the following questions:

    • Is the player's level of tennis good enough for my team?
    • Will the athlete get accepted academically at my university?
    • Will the athlete be eligible to compete in the NCAA/NAIA?
    • Is the kid's mentality in line with my expectations?

    To be able to evaluate all those factors coaches need as much information as possible about you. Only then coaches will feel comfortable reaching out to you.

    To add a video click on Profile on the left hand side. Then click on Add a video on a box to the left of the site. A popup will open, where you'll need to insert the Title and the URL of the Video. We accept Vimeo and Youtube Videos. Simply copy and paste the URL of your video and click save. Now, your recruiting video will be visible to all the coaches on Smarthlete.

    To add a picture, click on Profile on the left hand side. Then click on 'Add a picture' and select a picture from your smartphone/computer. Please note that you can only upload one picture at a time.

    Once you change your recruiting status to signed, all your subscriptions will be cancelled and your account will be deactivated. This means that you will no longer be visible to coaches.

    Recruiting Questions

    If a coach saw your profile but did not reach out to you, it probably means that you do not meet his/her expectations. Either your level of tennis is not what the coach expects, your scholastic scores are not good enough, or the coach did not like the reasons as to why you want to play college tennis. Additionally, maybe the coach simply wasn't able to properly evaluate you, since you did not provide him with enough information about yourself.

    To contact a coach, click on Find coaches on the left. You'll be able to look for coaches based on their region or the division the team plays in. Once you've found a coach you'd like to reach out to, open the profile. A popup will appear with a Send a message button in the top left corner. By clicking you'll be able to send the coach a message. When writing the message, make sure to take your time and be polite. It might harm your chances of getting a scholarship dramatically, if you only write one or two sentences.

    That's the toughest but at the same time one of the most important aspects of your recruiting aspect. There are two ways how you could estimate which schools you should contact:

    • Find out your UTR and compare it to the UTR of current college players. That way you get an idea of where you stand compared to them.
    • You make an estimated guess, in case you recently played against a current college player. Your result against him/her will give an idea of where you stand.

    The safest option for you would be to get evaluated by one of our recruiting experts. We will look at your results and your recruiting video and send you a list of coaches you should contact. To get evaluated just schedule a free call with us and follow the instructions.

    Coaches are very busy and if they didn't respond to you, it either means that they are not interested in you or that they simply were too busy to respond. Since coaches receive multiple messages every day from athletes and recruiting services they sometimes forget to respond. We'd recommend you to send a follow up message after one or two weeks to remind them of you and to show that you really are interested in the program.

    Make sure to be polite and send a proper message though. Coaches will definitely not consider you if they get a bad first impression of you.

    A scholarship includes all the costs a student might have while being enrolled at college. To be more specific it includes tuition, room & board, any fees and books. To figure out how much you still have to pay you need to look up the annual costs of the university and divide it by the scholarship the coach would offer you. This will tell you the annual budget you need to attend that university.

    This means that the coach is interested in you and wants to keep an eye on you. It is a very good sign and you should reach out to the coach at some point in case he/she hasn't done so already. By updating your athletic status, you will keep the coach informed about how your game is developing.