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The following services can help you greatly if you need guidance for the academic application process.


AdmitSee is a peer-to-peer college admissions platform and the first searchable database of successful college and graduate school application materials and advice. By providing easy access to real sample applications, AdmitSee aims to bring transparency to college admissions and empower applicants to make better application decisions with crowdsourced data.


The NLZ (youth center for competitive sports) in Styria is accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Sports in relation to its "Interaktionsmodells Nachwuchsleistungssport Österreich" campaign. It offers high school kids the opportunity to pursuit an athletic as well as academic education. Academically, athletes can gain the "Matura" through a five year "BORG" program, while having access to the NLZ's outstanding facilities and staff, providing the best possible conditions for a professional practice environment.