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Ramin Madaini has been a successful tennis coach for more than a decade & he has trained and coached many successful kids at his academy. Additionally, he hosts an ITF Future event & is responsible for the junior player development within the tennis federation of "Lower Austria".

Universal Tennis

Universal Tennis Rating has become a standard by which college coaches determine if a prospective recruit can play at their teams' competitive level. It's easy for players to look up their own rating. Get more details at

Hannes Zischka tennis academy

The Hannes Zischka tennis academy was founded in Graz in 1987. Its 4-star hotel is among the most beautiful tennis and leisure time facilities in Austria. The academy's experienced coaches provide their profound knowledge all year long to kids, adults, and competitive tennis players. The tennis center also incorporates the "Hannes Zischka Sportreisen" which is one of the leading provider of tennis camps worldwide.