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Smarthlete & Recruiting Process

  • What is this platform for?
  • Are you a recruiting service?
  • Can you help me getting recruited?
  • When should I start with the recruiting process?
  • What are the drawbacks if I decide to take a year off after high school?
  • How do I know whether I am good enough to play college tennis?
  • How do I know what needs to be done throughout the recruiting process?
  • How and where do I even get started?

Your Account

  • Why should I complete my profile?
  • How do I add a Video?
  • How do I add a Picture?
  • How do I add a Profile Picture?
  • What happens if I change my recruiting status to signed?

Recruiting Questions

  • A coach saw my profile but didn't contact me. Why?
  • How do I contact coaches?
  • How do I know which coaches I should contact?
  • I sent a coach a message but I never received a response. What shall I do?
  • A coach offered me a 50% scholarship. What does that include?
  • A coach favored me. What does that mean?