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Meet the Team & Find Out how our Passion for College Tennis Will Help you

How Smarthlete Was Born

We were privileged to receive athletic (and academic) scholarships to play collegiate tennis ourselves. But our routes before committing to NAIA and NCAA tennis programs looked very different. One of us used a recruiting service - the other one was contacted by coaches during his final years on the ITF tour.

And we thought there's got to be something that we can do to help improve the way athletes and coaches find each other. And Smarthlete's journey started.

Smarthlete is a combination of two words: "smart" - financing your studies by playing college sports - a great choice. "athlete" - don't quit doing what you love. Be student and athlete at the same time!

"We have yet to come across a better choice for young athletes than U.S. college sports: combining sports and earning a college degree."

What Smarthlete Can Do For You

Tennis alone is a fascinating sport. Add a big portion of team spirit and campus life and college tennis will easily become the best tennis experience you have ever had in your life...

If you are a future student athlete, a parent, or a college coach, you will find that the Smarthlete tools we provide will be of great help for you.

Every single athlete finding him or herself in the line-up of a team makes our day. Currently in college tennis only, you may find us offering the Smarthlete tools in other sports soon as well...

Got a couple of questions or even plenty of them?

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Meet The Team

Yannick and Dominic met in their freshman year at high school, both spending more hours on the court to improve their game than studying outside mandatory hours in class. After their time at college - Yannick at the University of Denver, Dominic at Hope International University - Smarthlete brought them back together.

Smarthlete went live in 2014, but long evenings were spent developing idea and concept already the year before. Oh, and even before that the IT-expert had to be added to the team: with Alex on board, the search for the missing team member was complete.

Alex - a passionate soccer player and kite surfer himself - has been writing the codes ever since.

Yannick Weihs
Dominic Tinodi
Alexandre Hurault