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I liked the friendship between me and my recruiting expert and the organization and professionalism with which all the tasks were completed.

They know a lot about athletes, college coaches and suitable universities.I strongly recommend them!

Yannick, and Dominic treated us, their clients, as living persons - not as names or numbers. Our opinion is important to them and they try to implement it into very realistic plans that they create for everyone individually.Yannick and team, I know it took a lot of patience with me for a lot of reasons. My family is immensely grateful to you for your help.

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No matter if you decide to get recruited all on your own or with the help of a professional recruiting expert, below holds true


Learn how to structure your biggest project so far: Longlist, shortlist, researching, building relationships with coaches, making a decision, committing.


You are unique! Just because an athletic program has worked for one athlete before doesn't mean it's the right place for you. Your “Personal Fit” really does matter.


Do the right things at the right time - reach your goals.
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