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Are other recruiting services using the platform able to check out my athletes?

No, as a recruiting service you will never see the athlete of another recruiting service and vice versa.

Is it possible use the software with multiple users from our company at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to use the software with up to five users. You will be able to share workflows for athletes and support each other to optimize your resources.

Do the coaches see which athlete is being supported by which recruiting service? Or do they only see the name of the athlete?

Yes, they do see it. Every athlete always has a badge next to their name, which shows what recruiting service they work with.

How often is the Coaches' database updated?

It is being updated constantly – on average a coach's data is being checked every third month.

Does the database include Head & Assistant Coaches

Yes, whenever a university has a head and assistant coach, you will be able to contact whoever you prefer.

Do my athletes have any touching points with Smarthlete at any point?

As a white-labeled solution your athletes will have no idea you are using our software. Everything is designed and adjusted to your corporate design. Even the URL and the App Icon can be adjusted, so that you can present it as your proprietary software to your client.

How do you ensure that the emails from the system are being delivered to the coaches?

Email deliverability is one of the most important metrics of our company. We track the email open and delivery rate on a weekly basis and make sure the emails end up in the coaches' inbox. In order to be fully transparent our users can check whether an email has been delivered and opened by the coach.

How do I know how actively college coaches are using the software?

You will be informed whenever a coach actively uses the software to look for prospective student athletes. Due to the software you will know exactly which coach was looking for what kind of athlete.

How stable is the software

As an annual average, a system availability of 99% is guaranteed. Additionally, we ensure a quick customer support service, which is one of our main KPIs.

How does Smarthlete's pricing work?

The pricing depends on two factors – which licenses you purchase and how many athletes you actively manage. They are structured in a way so that you may grow your company at ease, through our software's time savings.

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