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What makes our recruiting platform stand out

Advanced screening

Find the right recruit by using your athletic as well as school-specific academic criteria

Connect instantly

Start a conversation with any athlete or recruiting expert

Mobile recruiting

Save our platform to your home screen as a "mobile app" & recruit on the go


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Athlete Search

Identify the right athlete

Thorough research & a structured way of working are the basis of successful recruiting. Our software helps you do just that.

Contact Athletes

Connect with recruits in minutes

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    Reach out to athletes or their placement experts

    Contacting prospects only takes a minute - messages are delivered to the Smarthlete account & user-registered email account.

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    Keep track of the open rate & your messages

    Keep an overview of all prospects you've been in touch with. Track if they read your messages.


Stay up to date

Newsfeed & notifications will allow you to start a conversation with recruits before others do – speed is a big success factor when it comes to recruiting impact athletes.

Real time activity feed & notifications
Stay informed on latest commitments
Be the first to learn about new athletes & highlight videos
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Mobile Friendly

Recruit on the go with our mobile version

Save our platform on your phone's home screen - use it as an app on the go.

Enjoy access to all your recruiting relevant information at any time.

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