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If you want to make sure you commit to the university of your dreams, get yourself the assistance of our recruiting experts. Thanks to our long-lasting experience as college athletes and recruiting agents, coaches rely on our assessment - a really important factor when it comes down to making you an offer and trusting that you will meet the eligibility requirements (NCAA & NAIA) in order to compete.


We have gone through the recruiting process ourselves, placing athletes across sports in college teams.

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Coaches know and trust us, which matters a great deal when we talk to them about recruiting you.


We look for a school that fits to you as a student, athlete & person - it's not just sports that matters.

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360° College Placement Recruiting Service

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Client access to task list
Client access to university database
Academics (GPA, SAT, ACT)
Establish contact with coaches
Financials (scholarships & affordability)
Administrative tasks (eligibility, applications)

Project "Recruiting Process"

Getting recruited on a scholarship doesn't happen overnight. It's the result of hard work. Hard work by you. Hard work by your recruiting expert.
Get support from A to Z. Money spent on professional support is money well-spent.


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This is the first step in finding out whether trusting your local Smarthlete recruiting expert with your recruiting process is your pathway to college.

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