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How Strong Do I Need To Be To Compete In College Swimming & Diving

Understand what matters most: 1. athletics, 2. academics, 3. budget

Becoming part of a college Swimming & Diving team depends on a lot of different factors:

It always starts with your athletic level. If you can’t contribute to the team’s success, coaches will most likely not show a huge amount of interest.

After that, your academic background comes into play. Your grades in high school and your academic test scores determine whether you would be admitted to a school.

Thirdly, unless you are an athlete with the potential to have an immediate impact, a full-ride scholarship is very uncommon and you will need some sort of budget to cover the remaining costs of attendance.

Strong(er) athletically & academically - less money needed.

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Information On College Swimming & Diving

There are many different divisions, sponsoring college Swimming & Diving.
Understand the differences:
Intercollegiate {0} Programs

Intercollegiate Swimming & Diving Programs

664 schools sponsor college Swimming & Diving programs in 6 major divisions:


Maximum Number Of Athletic Scholarships/Team

Maximum Number Of Athletic Scholarships/Team

If the program is fully funded, the college may award:

NCAA D-I 9.9 (Men); 14.0 (Women)
NCAA D-II 8.1 (M); 8.1 (W)
NCAA D-III no athletic scholarships
NAIA 8.0 (M | W)
NJCAA D-I 15.0 (M | W)
NJCAA D-III no athletic scholarships
CCCAA no athletic scholarships

National Champions<br/>Season 2017-2018

National Champions
Season 2017-2018

The winners of the prestigious national titles were:

NCAA D-I California (M); Stanford (W)
NCAA D-II Queens (M | W)
NCAA D-III Denison (M); Emory (W)
NAIA Keiser (M); SCAD Savannah (W)
NJCAA Indian River (M | W)
CCCAA Orange Coast College (M |W)